Miniature Painting Tutorial: The Spartan Warrior For Your 300 Diorama

This tutorial will show you methods for painting miniatures. I paint a Spartan warrior (revealed below) and it’s for the 300 Diorama. The miniature a part of a double pack of miniatures in the business named Crocodile Games; It’s from the War of Olympus chain and also the specific pack is named Spartan Hoplite Unit along with also the artist will be Todd Harris. The detail work on these miniatures is good along with also the twelve statistics in the pack are not equal – there are plenty of variants of miniatures. I’ve this tutorial at a video If you would like to check out that how does den of imagination Paint Miniatures.

Here’s an image of the completed mini. I also have added texture to the foundation so that it fits exactly the 300 Diorama.

Materials and Workspace – I’ve taken a photo of the workspace to provide you ideas and also to show you a number of the tools that I urge painting miniatures.

Some Notes concerning the Workspace: Give yourself lots of space and then lay down some sort of stuff to protect the surface you’re working on. I utilize poster board, it functions well, is paint and durable will not leech through the desktop computer. You also ought to consider lighting. The workspace must be quite well lit, since you’re working with miniatures! I operate at a well lit room however I still put a table lamp on the table close my workspace to acquire the region really glowing.

Tools & Materials: How

I urge quite a couple of unique tools and that I say you can never have enough resources. The majority of my tools have been employed from the preparatory period before I really begin painting. I suggest a little vise so it is possible to clamp your mini securely; I suggest a magnifying glass, x-acto knife, emory boards (such as sanding down burrs), micro files, an awl, and tweezers. A pin vise or three dimensional parts grabber are good if you’ve got one.

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