Health Solutions – Heart Health – Your Heart Is Much More Than A Pump, It's Also A Brain!

Were you aware that starting your heart to heal your emotions, ideas and physical body is able to help you get a healthy heart? Focusing on heart disease provides a model for addressing the lifestyle connection in all the significant killer diseases, such as cancer (prostate, breast, colon and lung being the most frequent), arthritis, obesity, HIV/Aids, diabetes and other degenerative ailments. The Health Life is best known and researched, and now in time, and the center is after all, the location where the entire body, the brain, soul and emotions converge.

Positive family history


Research shows that the heart will have an effect on the health and joy:

Feelings of love have a positive effect on the immune system, hormones and cognitive brain function.

Your center has receptor sites for, and manufactures, peptides that are indistinguishable to the neurotransmitter message carrier molecules within the mind. It’s now crystal clear that the center is an essential endocrine system, which makes and discharging the significant hormone, ANF (atrial natriuretic factor).

ANF has a deep influence on the mind’s limbic structure and function. The limbic system is the chair of the feelings and anxiety survival response, and can also be called the brain. The limbic system includes the hippocampus in which the memory, control and learning centers for the whole hormonal system reside. 60-65percent of heart cells are neurons (nervous system tissues), rather than muscle tissues as previously considered.

These neurons are equal to brain neurons. 50 percent of those heart neuron cells interpret information from the entire body to help keep it working as a harmonious whole. Another 50% have a direct, unmediated neural relation to the mental brain in the head, using a 24/7 heart-brain-heart dialog we’re totally unconscious of. The center is a strong electromagnetic generator that produces an electromagnetic field that encircles human body and extends 3-5 meters from it. An individual can actually choose an ECG (electro cardiogram) studying one meter away from your system, with no wires attached! This electromagnetic field has a deep influence on the mind, providing radio wave pattern where the mind pulls material to make an inner experience of the world.

Finally, everything in our lives is dependent upon our psychological (i.e. sense) reaction to events. Stress accelerates your pulse through secretion of the adrenal stress hormones adrenalin, noradrenalin and also the long-term stress hormone cortisol.

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